Q. Can we make Multiple stops?

A. Sure why not, you’re in charge. As long as we are not waiting for extended periods of time we will be happy to drop off other people in your party.

Q. Can we stop at Taco Bell?

A. Ahhh… Taco Bell at 2am. On most occasions this will be not a problem, just please inform your driver of your plans before you get too far into your ride home. Sometimes we will be on a very tight schedule to pick up others who are waiting for a ride home so please just be cautious of that.

Q. What kind of payment do we take?

A. We currently accept Cash, Visa, Master Card and American Express. Oh, and Don’t Forget to tip your driver!

Q. Can we drink alcohol in the car?

A. No. Unfortunately there can be no open alcoholic beverage in a vehicle while it is being driven, even if it is by passengers.

Q. Can people ride in the chase vehicle?

A. Unfortunately no. We are not a licensed Taxi service. Any service that is offering this type of service with out the proper licensing is doing it illegally and also putting you at risk when it comes to insurance reasons if anything were to happen.

These are just a few of the questions we get from time to time, but if you have another feel free to post it on our facebook wall and we will be glad to answer it.